Providing Emergency Drug Testing Services

Med Drug Testing offers a vast array of drug testing solutions tailored to your needs. Backed by our extensive expertise in the industry, we have what it takes to give you access to the information you need within 24 hours—guaranteed.

Our Services

  •  Employer Drug Testing 
  •  5-Panel/10-Panel/Customized Panel Urine Drug Testing 
  •  Saliva Drug Testing 
  •  Saliva Drug Testing 
  •  Hair Follicle Drug Testing 
  •  Alcohol Breath Test (DOT/Non-DOT) 
  •  Random Drug Testing Management 
  •  Accident/Post-Accident Testing 
  •  Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Testing 
  •  DNA Testing 
  •  Federal Drug Testing 
  •  DOT Consortium Programs 

Key Benefits

  •  Convenience - MED DRUG TESTING comes to you on-site
  • Time Savings - Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Risk Reduction - Liability of sending employees off-site. 
  • Protection - Protect employees, the company & others
  • Confidence & peace of mind 
  • Outstanding customer service 
  • Available 24/7  
  • A dedicated team of professionals.